Will Kamalov, Founder (Symbiosis)

At the time of our first interaction, Symbiosis had found a sustainable product-market fit and solid community, but lacked a comprehensive and throughout PR and marketing approach. We were also looking for a market making partner to bring more liquidity into SIS trading. DWF Labs helped a lot with those efforts, contributing to our extensive 300% month-to-month tx volume growth in the past several months.

The partnership with DWF Labs has had an immediate positive impact on our operations. Having a reliable partner to share our product plans with in advance has proven immensely valuable.

The collaboration has helped us in increased organic traffic, higher swap numbers, and enhanced social media presence. Our project's visibility has also significantly improved with featured mentions in numerous articles.

Their expertise has equipped us with strategic elements that are geared towards long-term marketing growth. As a result, more focused efforts can be directed toward product improvement, allowing us to make significant strides forward while maintaining a sustainable and focused approach.